Planetarity: A Post-Foundational Vision for Global Ethics


Dr. James Miller and Dr. Whitney Bauman invite you to join them in a conversation on
Wednesday November 1 at 5:30 pm
in Biosciences 1120 on the campus of Queen’s University, Canada.

What happens to our religious identities, value systems, and ethical commitments in a world marked so more than ever by the twin phenomena of global climate change and globalization?  As our world becomes more and more connected become more and more hybrid in our cultural, historical, and biological identities. At the same time as our cultural, national, and religious boundaries are eroding, we are confronted with some serious problems, such as climate change, which require a “planetary” understanding of human beings.  That is, we are first and foremost planetary creatures among other creatures on an evolving planet.  As such, we ought to be able to articulate a third, planetary option for the future that breaks us out of the dangerous false choice between neo-liberal globalization as usual, on the one hand, or the return to nationalism and protectionism that we are seeing all over the world, on the other.

Developing planetary identities and ethics are essential, then, for: addressing issues of climate change and other ills; dealing with the economic injustices that have come along with the globalization of neoliberal economics; and for preventing a slide back into the dangerous rhetoric of nationalism, protectionism, and racism that fuelled the problems of the early 20th century.

In a series of four public conversations on Axiology, Planetarity, Pedagogy and Spirituality, the Spirituality, Nature & Culture Laboratory ( opens up for discussion the values at the heart of the modern university.