Pedagogical Innovation

To achieve the aims laid out in our mission statement, SNC-LAB will spur pedagogical innovation by sponsoring a range of activities and events that supplement the teaching, learning, research and mentoring that take place in traditional humanities and social sciences departments.

Our pedagogical program thus has the following core objectives:

  1. To develop academic leadership skills
  2. To develop skills in research, writing, presenting & publishing
  3. To promote mental health, overcome academic isolation and build community
  4. To provide a broad intellectual framework for individual research projects
  5. To foster pedagogical experimentation and innovation
  6. To foster cross disciplinary fertilization
  7. To bridge academic / nonacademic worlds

To achieve these objectives we are engaged in range of activities and methods as follows

  1. All our events provide opportunities for students to be leaders and mentors within the lab community
  2. Lab Meetings and Conferences provide a forum for people to present their own research in progress, and receive feedback from peers and mentors
  3. Lab Meetings provide formal and informal contexts for people to share in and engage with each other’s ideas, build rapport & camaraderie, and offer mutual support and advice, in a therapeutic, non-competitive environment
  4. Lab Meetings and Conversations offer training in key intellectual issues at stake in the lab’s mission that provide a context for individual research projects
  5. All our activities offer students a university-within-a-university where education and training can take place outside the corporate university context
  6. Our research framework creates new intellectual spaces for interdisciplinary engagement not present within the university’s disciplinary structure
  7. Our conferences and our board of advisors help us to foster broader social engagement for our research.