Peter Jingcheng Xu

Peter Jingcheng Xu completed his PhD at the School of English Literature, Bangor University, Wales, UK in 2018. His doctoral research situates the twentieth-century Anglophone-Welsh poet Edward Thomas within the ecological framework of Chinese indigenous philosophy Daoism in pursuit of their unexpected ecological affinities and insights that inform our responses to the deteriorating ecosphere in the “Anthropocene”. He is also a poet and translator. He published his Chinese translations of 15 poems by Gillian Clarke and an over ten-thousand-word scholarly essay about her ecopoetics in Foreign Literature and Art (Issue 6, December 2016), and 7 poems by Jason Walford Davies in the same journal in 2014. He is the Chinese translator of Edward Thomas’s entire poetry. He has until now co-edited five English textbooks for Chinese university students, such as The Annotated Study of English Translation of Chinese Classics (Editor, Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2017), Background to Western Culture (Editorial Member, Peking University Press, 2016), Watching Movies, Learning British and American Literature (Associate Editor, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2014), A Reader of Western Culture (Editorial Member, Peking University Press, 2014), and A Textbook of Ancient Chinese Society and Culture (Editorial Member, Peking University Press, 2013). He published a book-chapter ‘Daoist Spiritual Ecology in the “Anthropocene”’ in the book Ecocriticism, Ecology, and the Cultures of Antiquity published by Lexington Books in 2017.

Facebook: Xjc396