Sebastian De Line

My name is Sebastian De Line. I am an artist and PhD student in the Cultural Studies program at Queen’s University. I completed an M.A. in Art Praxis (cum laude) at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem, The Netherlands. My master’s thesis compared the works of Audra Simpson and Michel Serres to related discourses on indigeneity, posthuman, New Materialism, social and racial contract theory. My current research interests focus on the three tenets of Indigenous science & philosophy (Little Bear), feminist queer/trans studies, diffraction, animacy and affect.

 The basis of my subjectivity as an Indigenous/Asian trans scholar and artist both inform and complicate the perspectives I write this from. I was born and raised in British Columbia. My father, Terry Deline, was Mohawk and part of Kahnewake’s community in the 1970’s. He was of Dutch and Haudenosaunee decent. I also have relatives in Tyendinaga. They are my elders who teach me about our Haudenosaunee traditions. My mother is Cantonese and belongs to the Choo family. Her grandfather, Choo Ching Kew, arrived in Canada during 1909 as an indentured railway worker from China. Her family are fourth generation Canadian.