Axiology: Values at the Heart of the University














Professors Jason Kelly and James Miller invite you to join them in a conversation on
Wednesday October 4 at 5:30pm
in Biosciences 1120 on the campus of Queen’s University, Canada.

In an era of climate crisis, species extinction, and threat of nuclear war, our culture and economy still seem to have unbounded faith in the liberatory promises of technology, capitalism and consumerism. Universities chiefly serve the goals of industry in training people with the skills to work harder and smarter, without seriously pausing to ask why? The present crisis in mental health is hardly surprising. Can universities ever become genuinely critical enterprises? Can questions of meaning, happiness and purpose ever become central to their mission?

In a series of four public conversations on Axiology, Planetarity, Pedagogy and Spirituality, the Spirituality, Nature & Culture Laboratory ( opens up for discussion the values at the heart of the modern university.

Join Jason Kelly and James Miller for an honest, thought-provoking conversation at this event!