Meaghan Weatherdon

I am a PhD candidate in a collaborative program with the Department for the Study of Religion and the Department of Environmental Studies at the University of Toronto. I am interested in how Indigenous spirituality informs and is incorporated into social and land based activist movements in North America. In particular my dissertation focuses on the act of walking the land within the Journey of Nishiiyuu, a social movement in which Cree and Inuit youth from Whapmagoostui Quebec travelled 1600 km by foot to Canada’s national capital in the Winter of 2013 to demonstrate strength and solidarity among First Nations.

I consider how Indigenous and non – Indigenous youth engage in and commemorate walking the land as a way to foster healing and build resilience, as well as to negotiate competing demands for resistance and reconciliation in colonial Canada. In addition to my academic interests I have also served as a research consultant for the past five years and have worked for organizations such as, the Cree Board of Health and Social Services and the Aboriginal Financial Officers of Canada.