Monica Philpott

Monica is a Queen’s University student finishing her Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Development and Art History. She is interested in the intersecting concepts of social justice and the art world. Monica is particularly focused on the effects of neo-colonialism on First Nations and Inuit artist’s voices which are primarily under represented in museums and galleries, past and presently.

She wishes to study the strategy, sustainability, and management of the Inuit Art Economy and its on-going place in an evolving global austerity; which has experienced major domestic and international restructuring in recent years. Monica recognizes that there is a critically underserved artistic population, and she hopes her research can be a stepping-stone towards equality and equity. 

Currently living in Santa Cruz, California but soon to be based in Montréal, Quebec, she is looking to complete her honours thesis this Spring of 2018. Monica is planning on pursuing further education in the history of Inuit Art and its contemporary economy, as well as the crucial changes needed in order to one day reconcile.